About Cabell-Huntington


Huntington sits on the mid-section of the scenic and historic Ohio River at the point where West Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky meet. Our city is home to some 56,000 citizens and serves a Tri-State area of 365,000 persons.

Huntington is the turn-of-the-century railroad kingdom named for its founder, Collis P. Huntington. He was builder, owner and operator of the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway, beginning in the 1860's. Collis P. Huntington was known as 'The Great Persuader' because of his aptitude as a natural born salesman. In 1862, Collis P. Huntington was able to convince Congress to designate the Central Pacific as the western end of the long-dreamed transcontinental railroad. He spent seven years struggling with the tremendous task of pushing the Central Pacific through the mountains to link it with the Union Pacific. In 1884, he became the first man in the United States to ride his own railroad car from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific over tracks he either owned or controlled.


Located near the junction of the Mud and Guyandotte Rivers, the Barboursville area was a crossroads for Shawnee Indians. Hunting plentiful game and mining the salt near Salt Rock, West Virginia, they along with the buffalo established early, well-used trails.

In 1930, Route 60 bypassed the village and with river and rail business disappearing, Barboursville became a quiet, residential setting of historic homes.

You can travel back in time with a historic walking tour of Barboursville that features 36 points of interest including homes, banks, businesses and other historic sites.

Today Barboursville offers a modern mall complex as well as a historic main street area with shopping and restaurants, as well as its own share of festivals and special events throughout the year.



On September 16, 1876, the Town of Milton was incorporated. In January of the same year a covered bridge was opened to provide access from James River Turnpike to the newly established town. The bridge has been restored to its original beauty. Nearby is the historic Union Baptist Church, organized in 1810, which was used during the Civil War by Union troops who occupied the building as a military post.

In 1921 Blenko Glass Company was founded and is still in operation today creating hand blown glass pieces that are favorites in retail shops and prized by collectors throughout the nation.

In the 1930s, Morris Memorial Hospital was constructed, which became nationally recognized for its treatment of polio. Now Morris Memorial Convalescent and Nursing Home uses the buildings.

Today Milton is a thriving community that is home to the West Virginia Pumpkin Festival, the Cabell County Fair, seasonal corn maze, giant flea market, and arts and crafts stores. All are easily accessible from U.S. Route 60 and Interstate 64.